Our Services

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    Serving 12 months to 18 years of age | 18+ services provided on a case by case basis
    • In-Home Services

      We provide the highest quality research-based in-home ABA programming in your child’s natural setting, right in the comfort of their home!

    • Clinic & Specialty Services

      We work with Autism specialty providers in Arizona and throughout the U.S. to provide your child with the best collaborative treatment.

    • In-School Services

      We offer a variety of assessments, teacher and staff training, social facilitation, program development, IEP construction, in-school ABA, and more!

    • Community Services

      We provide consultation, parent training, behavior support services & staff training to professional public & private institutions.

    • Multilingual ABA Therapy

      We offer programs in the following languages: English, Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish, Somali, Arabic, Hindi, French, & Sign Language (ASL).

    • Workshops

      Our workshops are unique to our families needs. We offer sessions throughout the year, contact us to learn more!

  • Our Core Programs

    • The Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI) Program

      The Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI) Program

      Ages 18 months to 60 months

      The Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI) Program. The program emphasizes a positive and systematic way of teaching skills and reducing behavioral problems. The EIBI program uses applied behavior analysis principles to determine a young child’s behavioral deficits and excesses. The program also teaches appropriate behaviors through the use of EIBI theories, including the analysis of verbal behavior, discrete trial teaching, applied verbal behavior methods, and natural environment teaching.

    • Social Skills Program

      Social Skills Program

      Ages 3-18 years

      The fundamental goal of our social skills program is to minimize the stress and anxiety suffered by individuals with autism spectrum disorder when participating in social interaction. The program strives to provide the tools necessary for successful interpretation of social and communication skills. The focus of the program is to increase the child’s overall ability to recognize and interpret verbal and non-verbal communication, how to cope with issues related to understanding emotional and abstract concepts, how to develop appropriate peer relationships, inhibit inappropriate responses & more.

      We offer programs in the following languages: English, Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish, Somali, Arabic, Hindi, French, & Sign Language (ASL).

    • Behavioral Services Program

      Behavioral Services Program

      Ages 3-18 years

      Our behavior services are based on principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. We develop a treatment approach for children with autism which focuses on minimizing challenging behaviors and maximizing skill acquisition. Considering each child enters our program with unique needs, we focus on developing long-term goals that are important for each child and their family. The ultimate goal is to teach independence, appropriate social skills, build relationships, and develop many other functional skills.

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  • Our Practice Models

  • We offer three flexible treatment models for our families. Each of our models can be applied across settings.

    1. Our Intensive Model offers the highest level of therapist supervision. Children receive five to six hours of monthly supervision from a Program Coordinator, five to six hours of weekly supervision from a BCBA and 15 to 30 hours of weekly supervision and implementation from a Registered Behavior Therapist.

    2. Our Parent-Directed Model offers three hours of monthly supervision from a Program Coordinator and three hours of weekly supervision from a BCBA. Parents supplement the weekly supervision and implementation by taking a more active role in managing the child’s program with guided support.

    3. Our Workshop Model is similar to the Parent-Directed model and features one monthly six-hour session at our facility or in-home from a Program Coordinator.
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