The Dreaded “T Word” - Transitions! (Part One)

August 02, 2018

The summer season is at its tail end, which only means one thing — the back to school transition! It’s hard for anyone to make major transitions that disrupt daily schedules and activities but for those living with autism, transitions can be extremely emotionally taxing and stressful.


If you’re a parent or caregiver in need of guidance to make the transition of going back to school smoother and less stressful for your autistic kiddo, we’ll be talking about tips to implement in today’s post. At Pinnacle Autism Therapy, we understand the ebb and flow in having a child with autism. We specialize in ABA therapy to help your child establish both social and emotional skill sets as they grow and develop.

Back To School Transition Tips For Those With Autism


Help prepare your child for the upcoming transition with tried and true tips and techniques shared by the autism community!


Communicate, communicate, COMMUNICATE!


A great way to help your autistic child prepare for the upcoming change of going back to school is to begin by talking about it — frequently! This is a very easy thing to implement, and arguably the most important, when it comes to quelching their anxiety.


Create a Back to School Countdown  


Whether you create a giant calendar and mark down the days with a giant “X” or make a paper chain with the remaining days of summer vacation, this is a powerful vidialu that can help your child physically see and better understand the upcoming transition.


Tour The School


Before school begins, take a tour of the school with your child. Walk around and help them re-familiarize with the environment and revisit important areas such as the bathrooms, cafeteria, library, playground, and office. If they’re in a traditional classroom take them by, and if the teacher is available, schedule a visit to meet them.


It’s also important to discuss emergency situations with them while you’re there because it can greatly affect their spectrum sensitivities in the form of loud noises and abrupt movement sprinkled with some chaos! Talk about what may happen and how to handle the situation.

While you’re there take pictures of all the rooms you visit and create a story of what this new experience will be like.


Start Implementing The New Morning Routine


A couple of weeks before, work on the new schedule. If your child is used to waking up later with little structure, begin to wake your child up a little earlier each day. Once they become a bit more acclimated their new sleep schedule, begin to add in another component of the morning schedule — from getting dressed and eating breakfast, to a mock of riding the bus or getting in the car and going to school.


There are many tips that will guide you in this important, yet ever-so-stressful, transition, so find relief with communication, creating a back to school countdown, touring the school, and starting a new morning routine.


There are many other tips we have to share, so stay tuned for part two on this journey!


For more information about the support we can provide in your back to school transition, connect with us at Pinnacle Autism Therapy today!






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