ABA Therapy in Phoenix

What Is ABA Therapy in Phoenix?

Applied Behavior Analysis, also known as ABA Therapy is the gold standard when it comes to treatment for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and in home ABA services make it very convenient. In home ABA therapy is autism therapy based on a set of science-backed principles that are designed to build socially appropriate behaviors that benefit not only the afflicted but also their families.

At Pinnacle Autism Services, trained and experienced ABA therapists base their treatments on data, the requirements of the child, and the main goals of the family. ABA therapy aims to get a holistic understanding of a child’s needs and learning goals by using a variety of formats, such as:

  • Parent-centric ABA – This therapy model encourages parents to get actively involved in their child’s development with help from licensed behavioral experts and coordinators.
  • Intensive ABA sessions – This involves 10 to 40 hours/week of therapy from a trained therapist along with support from coordinators and administrators.
  • Workshop ABA – This therapy model involves monthly sessions that familiarize families with ABA therapy in Phoenix, recommends intense programs, and updates their knowledge on the latest therapy solutions.

The first appointment involves observation and interactions with the child. This way, the therapist can come up with an analysis of his/her behavior and developmental needs. The coordinator who is assigned to the family determines their goals before the first session for a custom treatment program that can benefit them as well as the child.

After this stage, the assigned therapist keeps engaging with the child to determine treatment solutions that can curb problematic tendencies. The process can cover several hours and involves positive reinforcement methods that encourage the child to open up.

The Impact of Home-Based ABA Therapy in Phoenix

While treatment centers have the facilities to facilitate the development of a child with ASD, in home ABA therapy is more efficient in comparison. In home ABA services focus on the comfort of the child, which has a large hand in improving their verbal and gestural communication, generating accurate results for intelligence benchmark testing. It also allows therapists to analyze behavior during natural play sessions.

This is important because it is at home that children learn how to behave in the outside world and how they should interact with people. In home ABA therapy aims to provide these lessons in a formative environment where they can grow and learn to make positive choices within a community.

This therapy can produce sustainable results that can act as a solid foundation for future behavior while allowing them to be themselves. The treatment is also beneficial for caregivers and parents since it reduces their stress by alleviating their concerns about their child’s development.

It also encourages them to play an active role in development via a contextualized experience that allows them to see the world through their child’s eyes and ensure they receive the help they need to grow.

Address Your Child’s Needs with a Custom Program

Pinnacle Autism Services focuses on providing results from ABA therapy sessions that can ensure those results. To contact us from Phoenix, Arizona from Goodyear, Paradise Valley, Peoria, Surprise, and Waddell and set up an appointment, dial 1-866-342-8847.

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