Helping children
with Autism
lead fulfilling lives.

We Specialize in
Intensive Pediatric
ABA Therapy.

Our services are as varied and unique as the children we serve! Our behavior analysts are fully equipped to create an atmosphere and plan that engages and encourages your child.

In-Home Services

In-School Services

Community Services

Multilingual ABA Therapy


Pinnacle Autism Therapy is more than just a program –

it’s a philosophy and a way of life.


Our community-based therapy simplifies the learning process, allowing your child to flourish in their natural environment. By delivering therapy in-home, at your child’s school, and other environments as necessary, we can help bring about meaningful and positive change.

Beyond Therapy

Your child’s progress doesn’t stop when they leave our doors, and neither does our support. We make sure that our families have access to everything they need, from professional services to a personal support system.

Extended Network

Our team of experienced, certified providers specialize in intensive early intervention programming, as well we collaborate with local professionals in other niche autism services providing 360 service support for your child

Supportive providers that care.

Our team is full of certified therapists with extensive training in evidence-based treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorder. They’re dedicated, multi-lingual & culturally competent – but more importantly, they truly care for each child we have the opportunity to work with.

Multilingual Staff

Our multilingual staff offers therapy services in a variety of languages.

Accessibility Every Day

Access to our practitioners in-person or by phone, seven days a week.

Extended Support

Committed to providing our families with 360-supportive services beyond therapy.

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Partnerships that matter

We partner with organizations that share our values and goals. Together, we’re building a community where your child can thrive.