3 Benefits of In-Home ABA Therapy

Applied behavioral analysis, also known as ABA therapy has a benefit, which sets it apart from other options: The fact that every treatment course corresponds to the needs of the individual patient it serves. The ideal site for each child is part of this individualized plan. That said, many children benefit greatly from In-home ABA therapy.

In-home ABA therapy often excels in treating issues with domestic problem behavior. It also provides opportunities for parents to offer better continuity in the positive reinforcement that is so crucial to their child’s development. Studies have also indicated therapy in the home is preferable for verbal skills, particularly for children who run the risk of becoming nonverbal.

1. Addressing Problems at Home

Problem behaviors corresponding specifically to a domestic setting — outbursts at bedtime, refusal to participate in meals, trouble with daily tasks and so on — often see marked improvement after home ABA sessions. This typically has to do with how specifically the patient understands sequences of behavior.

Children on the autism spectrum may have difficulty associating the lessons they learn outside of the home to the specific settings in the home. For example, it could be difficult for a child to understand the sequence of putting on shoes in the setting of a home’s entryway if the shoe sequence was learned step by step in a treatment center.

2. Promoting Involvement of Parents

In some cases, parents can be part of ABA treatment at home. Although many techniques require a behavioral therapist to engage a child’s entire attention through play, enthusiastic expression, and specialized tools, some techniques offer the opportunity for more diverse social engagement. Interested parents could participate in these more social exercises.

Home treatment could also be a good way for parents to transition to or prepare for parent-led ABA. For children at the correct developmental stage and parents with the time and resources, parent-led therapy can provide a productive combination of professional oversight and familial involvement.

3. Providing Opportunity for Growth

As mentioned briefly above, the literature indicates home ABA therapy is particularly effective in furthering certain goals. This is one of the core reasons board-certified behavior analysts recommend the home over other treatment settings.

Although autism treatment centers are built, staffed, and outfitted specifically to enable ABA, these facilities are certainly not the only effective venue. Many children’s programs involve multiple settings, such as schools, stores, parks, and, of course, the home. Again: Scientific evidence not only legitimizes this practice but also suggests that it is preferable to the clinic in some situations. See this page for information on in-home ABA Therapy in El Segundo.

The best part of ABA therapy is that each program is custom-made and monitored by highly educated professionals. Call us today at 866-342-8847. We would be happy to determine if and how in-home treatment would be appropriate in meeting your family’s goals.