How Can In-Home ABA Therapy Benefit My Child?

Home-based ABA treatment could be the best possible option for your child, but you should have all of the information before you make your decision. There may be some unique needs your child’s ASD presents, as well as some benefits of different therapy settings, which could inform your choice.

The first step would be to know why therapists recommend taking treatment to the home in the first place. Here is a brief summary of the unique advantages of three potential ABA therapy locations:

  • Treatment centers: These facilities are built, supplied, and staffed specifically to facilitate therapy.
  • Your home: This is probably where your child feels safest and most open to engaging with people.
  • The community: Schools, parks, and other public places provide unique stimuli that are not possible to completely simulate anywhere else.

The Adaptability of ABA Therapy

Applied behavior analysis therapy is widely recognized for being a leading treatment for autism spectrum disorders, but not every format works for every child. The focus on behaviors and immediate positive reinforcement can create a playful, practical environment, helping children connect to the process. This mode also eliminates the need for verbal communication during therapy sessions. However, therapists may have a hard time getting to the level of engagement necessary if your child is preoccupied with his or her surroundings. The familiar setting of your home may introduce the initial level of comfort your child needs to benefit from this type of therapy.

ABA Therapy for Non-Verbal Children

Other than trouble connecting with therapists, your child’s level of verbal communication skills may be an indicator the home is the best setting for therapy. Studies have indicated home treatments are more effective at helping children who are non-verbal or who are at the risk of becoming non-verbal.

Parent-Focused ABA Therapy

It bears mentioning here you could potentially take ABA therapy into your home yourself. With parent-focused treatments, you could learn the basics of the positive reinforcement method, while getting oversight from licensed professionals. Depending on your child’s needs and your own goals for your family, you could use this as a replacement for, in addition to or a continuation of an intensive treatment program. Click here for information on in-home ABA therapy in Gilbert Arizona.

Making the Best Choice

The question of how in-home ABA therapy can benefit your child would have to be answered based on clinical observation and analysis of your case. If your treatment planner has suggested your child may benefit from home-based therapy, that recommendation is undoubtedly based on clinical analysis of your child’s behavior and your family’s development goals.

Home treatments may strengthen your child’s gestural and verbal communication skills, improve playtime behavior, and help raise IQ test scores more effectively than some other methods. If any of these issues rank among your top learning goals for your child, then you may want to speak with your treatment planner about taking some or all of the treatment sessions to your own home. Please make your initial consultation appointment today with Pinnacle Autism Therapy.