4 Reasons Why Phoenix May Be The Most Autism Friendly City

Maybe you’ve heard from friends that Phoenix is an autism-friendly city. Maybe you’re just looking for places where people with autism are celebrated.

Well, the rumors are true. Phoenix is a great city for people on the spectrum — especially for families with young children. We have events, community resources, proactive towns, and many of the finest ABA treatment centers for children with autism in the country.

1. Autism-Friendly Events

There are lots of autism-friendly things going on in and around Phoenix. From professional development seminars to citywide fundraising events to summer camps, the Valley really has it all. Part of that has to do with Phoenix being the headquarters for some major professional organizations and several excellent autism treatment centers, but the fact is that people here really care.

Because there is so much going on, it can be hard to prioritize against your already busy work/life schedule. If you have someone enrolled here at Pinnacle, let us know if you’re looking for autism-focused fundraising or recreational events. We can point you in the right direction.

2. Community Organizations and Resources

In some ways, Phoenix is autism-friendly because it’s flat-out people-friendly. The Valley of the Sun (the Phoenix Metro area) has a mild, sunny climate and is one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the United States.

There’s plenty to do for everyone in the area. Sports, museums, family entertainment: You name it. There are also many world-class education facilities and employers for people both on and off of the autism spectrum.

3. Autism-Certified Suburbs

Mesa, Arizona was the first city ever to be Autism Certified. Yes, you read that correctly — certified as a friendly place for people on the spectrum.

There is plenty that goes into this type of certification. However, the main idea is that you can trust people in Autism-Certified places (such as restaurants, hotels, transportation services, community resources, and entertainment venues) to have understanding and compassion for adults and children with autism spectrum conditions. For example, one of the main criteria is that 80% of guest-facing staff members receive education about autism and complete training programs. Contact Pinnacle Autism Therapy for information on our in-home ABA Therapy as well as our Community-Based ABA Therapy.

4. The Highest Standards of Autism-Related Care

Pinnacle is proud to contribute to Phoenix’s autism-friendly atmosphere by providing superlative ABA treatment for children on the spectrum. We’re also proud to be part of an extended community of professionals and treatment centers throughout the valley. Our goal is to be the best autism treatment center in Phoenix — and that means we’re in competition with some of the best centers in the world.

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