How To Decide Between In-Home ABA Therapy and Center-Based ABA Therapy

There are almost limitless options for Phoenix ABA therapy. The Valley is one of the most autism-friendly metro areas in the world. Unfortunately, with all of these choices sometimes comes a fair amount of confusion, especially for parents who have just received a diagnosis for their children and are now scrambling to act as quickly as possible.

Does that sound familiar? A bit of confusion is common, and, to make matters more complicated, everyone out there has a different opinion as to what’s best.

The Best ABA Therapy Choice Is YOUR Best Choice

To be clear, the best option for you is the one that fits best with your child’s behaviors, your family’s situation, and your personal preferences. Nobody can make that decision for you, nor should anyone try to influence you based on any other factors.

You’ve probably chosen ABA therapy because the treatment is customized for every single child. Individual plans develop through specific observation, analysis, and revision, backed by many decades of scientific studies. Keep in mind that this personalization extends to the question of whether you elect in-home ABA Therapy or center-based care.

Your Child’s Challenges

Care at an autism treatment center in Phoenix should eventually have similar results to care at your home. Both options are highly customizable and highly adaptable to a wide variety of target behaviors.

However, research has repeatedly shown that certain settings tend to accelerate progress remediating certain problem behaviors and attaining specific treatment goals. In other words, one therapy venue sometimes provides the chance for a more efficient solution than the other.

One of the most common examples is in rectifying problems with domestic tasks. Children might face more challenges in the mock environments of treatment centers than they do in the more authentic environments of their family homes. Conversely, social skills tend to progress more quickly in the group-based center environment.

Your Family’s Situation

Depending on your situation at home, you might not want someone providing in-home treatment. You might want to take an active role under the guidance of an ABA professional, handling aspects of home treatment yourself.

You might have an extremely demanding schedule. You could have other children in a different at-home learning environment, with limited space and resources. There are too many factors that might affect your decision when it comes to choosing at-home versus autism center treatment.

Whichever you decide, know that you can get excellent therapy with either option. Additionally, if it turns out that your child’s progress indicates the need for another treatment venue, rest assured that your doctor will let you know.

Your Unique ABA Therapy Preferences

Your preferences matter just as much as any practical or medical concern. After all, this is your family, your child, and your future. If you have strong feelings towards one treatment method or another, please do not hesitate to bring them up when discussing options with a care provider.

Pinnacle Autism Therapy in Phoenix

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