5 Reasons Why ABA Therapy Works So Well for Autism Treatment

ABA therapy for autism is widely accepted, thoroughly tested, and endorsed by professional and government organizations. It has also helped countless families get a brighter future.

Why does ABA therapy work? Here are five reasons. There are many, many more.

1. ABA Therapy Is Based on Science and Evidence

Everything that happens in an autism therapy center is intentional and methodical. These are medical centers, home to distinct procedures and processes.

The same is true for in-home treatment. Nothing is random or arbitrary: All of the treatments, toys, learning aids — even the paint on the walls in the treatment centers — everything is there on purpose.

Autism therapists plan their dedicated spaces and home sessions based on scientific evidence. If something works, it is included in therapy. If it does not create the expected progress, it is refined or replaced.

On a smaller scale, each child has an exhaustive patient file. This scientific approach is trackable, accountable, repeatable, customizable, and predictable. Not only does ABA work, but it is clear exactly how and why it works.

2. Treatment Plans Are Customized

Children do not get left behind in ABA. They also never lack for a challenge. That is because each treatment plan is customized for each child.

Customization is an active, ongoing process throughout therapy. Children are free to progress as quickly as possible. They are also free to spend extra time developing the skills they need.

3. Parents Can Get Involved

You cannot do ABA yourself, but there is no reason to feel bad about it. Not even a BCBA with decades of experience works alone.

Parents cannot do it alone, but they can learn techniques, give feedback, collect data and contribute to the success of ABA treatment plans. They can be partners in their family’s progress.

4. ABA Therapy Teaches the Little Things

Parents of children with autism quickly realize that the so-called little things many people take for granted are really not that small. Many of the things children learn before the age of five are crucial social, academic, and life skills.

People think of hygiene, communication, dexterity, and coordination as natural abilities. These are, in fact, skills — skills that ABA therapy seeks to develop specifically and methodically.

5. The Goal Is Independence

One of the biggest reasons why ABA is a great treatment for autism is the focus on progress and skill. This type of therapy does not try to cure autism. There is no cure for autism.

Instead, ABA therapists give each child the best possible opportunity to live independently. They try to teach the skills and habits children will need to interact with peers, succeed in school, join the professional world and even build families of their own.

We truly believe this is the first and best choice for treating children with ASDs. If you’re ready to learn more about ABA — or about why we have dedicated our professional lives to helping children with autism — please give us a call at 866- 342-8847 at Pinnacle Autism Therapy.