How Important Is It To Identify And Treat Autism Early?

ABA Therapy for Autism

As proponents of ABA therapy, we know that early treatment and identification are two of the key indicators for the successful treatment of autism. It truly is so important to begin as soon as possible. Please call us to get started, or to ask any questions you may have. The initial process of observation and analysis takes time.

If you are not quite ready to begin, this article will provide some information. To summarize: ABA therapy for autism is the most widely studied and accepted treatment option. Further, early intervention for autism has been linked repeatedly to better results.

Should Children Receive Early Screening For Autism?

In short: Yes, you should screen your children for ASDs. Many prominent doctors and professional groups recommend early screening. Identifying autism as soon as possible is one of the essential ingredients for getting the most out of ABA therapy for autism.

In our experience — and in the scientific literature — there is evidence that earlier intervention leads to better outcomes. We would recommend that everyone bring their children to a specialized professional for screening.

Why Screening Is Important

There are various arguments for screening. First and foremost, some symptoms of ASDs are difficult for parents and pediatricians to notice. Specialized help increases the chance of success.

Of course, early screening also allows for early treatment. From what we know, the earlier the better. Studies repeatedly show that children who receive early treatment achieve better results than those in control groups who do not receive it.

The main arguments against this type of screening usually happen at the public policy level. However, for you as a parent, this is not a political issue — it is a question of your child’s health.

When making your decision, please keep in mind that some of the largest medical organizations recognize the benefits of early diagnosis and autism therapy. These include the National Institutes of Health and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

When Is a Good Time to Check for Autism?

The standard now for many pediatricians is to recommend screening around 18 months and 36 months. However, we are constantly developing and refining our diagnosis methods, identifying autism earlier and earlier.

The evidence is beginning to show us that there are few lower limits for recognizing symptoms of autism. For example, a recent, influential exploratory study with children aged 7-15 months showed promising results for treatment in late infancy.

When better diagnosis combines with more effective early childhood treatment for ASDs, we are able to improve outcomes for much younger children. This is the benefit of a scientific, methodical approach: We can improve techniques over time as evidence develops.

Make An Appointment Today To Learn More About ABA Therapy For Autism

Early intervention for autism is one of the cornerstones of many successful plans. The evidence continually shows that it is never too soon to start. In fact, it is important to start as soon as possible.

The sooner you begin, the more time your autism therapists will have to work in your child’s most malleable stages of development. This improves treatment outcomes. Please call us as soon as possible to plan your next steps.