ABA Therapy for Autism And Why It Is So Successful

ABA Therapy is a hot topic these days. Web searches for “autism therapy near me” turn up a lot of results these days. There is a reason for that.

Scientific rigor, extensive history, widespread adoption, customized planning, and dedicated professionals — these are the main reasons ABA is such a successful therapy for autism. Nearly every local and nationwide professional organization endorses it. Every state has taken action to require insurance coverage for ABA therapy.


ABA therapy uses data to drive results. Not just any data — we use specific observations about every child to construct and guide treatment plans. In general, the process follows the scientific method:

  • Observation: We make an initial analysis of each child’s situation before we begin creating a plan.
  • Research: We use our up-to-date knowledge to turn our observations into a working theory.
  • Hypothesis: We establish some ideas about which types of treatment strategies will best advance your child’s learning goals.
  • Testing: Our behavioral therapists put the hypothesis into action.
  • Data collection: We collect a combination of detailed record-keeping, statistical monitoring, and direct recording to collect data.
  • Analysis: We look at the data to see if our strategy is returning the expected positive results, and how we can improve.


This method has been developing since the mid-20th century. This is one of the reasons it is so important to look at ABA Therapy now — not what it was 40 or 50 years ago.

Because of the scientific method, all ABA treatments benefit from experience. The most current options are the most effective. Please ensure that you are using the latest information when you make your decision.


ABA is successful in part because it is so widely accepted. Thousands of smart, dedicated people are adding to the literature and advancing the discipline, all across the world.

It also helps you obtain access. Many Arizona and federal organizations support ABA therapy for autism, which means it is part of many public and private health plans.


Every child gets a specialized plan — no exceptions. ABA therapy is not based on a cure-all approach. Its foundation is the concept that reinforcement of behavior is the key to meeting social and academic goals.

For that type of system to work, you need a very specific goal set for each patient. You also need to keep track of progress, adapt as necessary, and consistently apply the techniques that work.

Yes: There are standard approaches, and some are quite common. However, no two treatment plans are alike.


Board Certified Behavior Analysts study for years to gain the knowledge necessary to make decisions about autism treatment. Like any other medical specialist, they are highly dedicated professionals. Their entire career is about helping children — it is their passion, their focus, and their life.

Our goal is to help your child grow. We are ready to put in the work necessary to do this — and we believe ABA is the best available tool. We are currently accepting new patients for ABA therapy for autism in Phoenix, so please call us to make an appointment today.